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Looking for ways to strategize your job search, prepare for interviews, or negotiate your salary like a boss? I offer Career Coaching services to help guide you towards a life that feels truly aligned with your deepest desires, goals, and values.

I need career coaching

"Kay was a wealth of knowledge and shed so much light on the process that I felt like I was in the right hands. "
- Val Mull

"Working with Kaylyn was a tremendous help. She helped me with my personal statement for grad school. Spending the time going through the prompts and editing the document together was exactly the service I needed."
-  Samantha Erricolo

"Since graduating last May with my bachelors degree, I have applied to over 40 jobs and was never even offered an interview.. As soon as I contacted AOK Resumes and Career coaching I felt relieved."
- Samantha Carter

Cosmic career Coaching

Cosmic Career Coaching combines astrology and career coaching to optimize your process to finding clarity and direction for career success. 

In the first half of this appointment Val will read your birth chart through a career lens. This will lead to a dialogue around how career themes have come up for you thus far and how they may evolve moving forward.

Then, with some career trajectories in mind, Kaylyn swoops in with all the tools to identify viable career pathways based on your astrological gifts and what you need to apply to them to make your dreams a reality.