You deserve to look forward to your life.

Feeling unaligned with your current career path, but unsure of where to start? Get ready to love your job--and your life--again. No more Sunday Scaries, dreading Mondays, or looking forward to the weekend every single week. It's time you love every single day.

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Cosmic Career Coaching

Regain control over your career strategy for years to come. This judgement-free offer will put you back in the driver's seat and give you the skills necessary to make empowered, aligned decisions based on your highest career desires.

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We know how it feels...

Feeling lost when it comes to what you do every day is soul-sucking, energy-draining, and downright tiring.

I was sick of feeling:
- Unheard in my places of work.
- Unappreciated by higher-ups.
- Undervalued (ahem, underpaid.)

That's why we do what I do: to help people achieve their highest, brightest lives where they don't have to feel like this again through the power of Astrology.

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Our judgement-free, 90-minute coaching sessions are designed to use the influence and power of Astrology to gain clarity and spark ideas that will help you craft a career path that was written for you by the stars. By learning more about yourself, you'll be able to move forward in a direction that is truly aligned with you, your deepest desires, and the visions of your dream life.

Cosmic Career Coaching

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$300 usd

Total Investment

My career coaching has helped people achieve unimaginable heights:

- It has helped people make more money through proper salary negotiation.

- It has found people careers they truly love.

- It has opened people's eyes to careers they never felt qualified for, but are rockin'.

- People have found soul-filling opportunities in the form of their choice (remote, hybrid, in-person)

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i want to feel fulfilled

A career where we feel unfulfilled can leave us feeling like we're wasting our precious time, and energy. Through career coaching, you can find a career you love that also pays the bills.

Find your purpose

In this 90-minute session, you'll get:
- A 45-minute career Astrology reading with Val, our resident Astrologist, where she'll read your birth chart through the lens of career and abundance.
- 45 minutes of extensive career coaching with Kaylyn, our resident career coach, who will use the results of your Astrology reading to help guide you towards the life of your dreams with a clear plan.

What's included?


$300 usd

Total Investment

- Stress about changing careers.

- Work for people who judge you for taking PTO that you EARNED.

- Dread every single work week, look forward to the weekend, and have a countdown going to the next long weekend.

- Be paid less than what you, your experience, and your education are worth.

- Hate your life...

... to be able to take the plunge and make your dreams happen.

You just need some guidance and cheerleading along the way.

That's where I come in. I bring the job market knowledge, my strong sense of intuition, my years of career coaching and advising experience, and my cheerleading to the table to help you live your best life.

All you have to do is commit to bettering your life.

You do not need to....

While having that information ensures that your Astrology reading is as aligned and accurate as possible, supplying your best guess and using context clues can help Val determine the necessary Astrological information needed such as your Rising Sign.

What if I don't know my birth time / location?

The 90-minute session time allows you to have 45 minutes with Val for your Astrology reading and 45 minutes of career coaching with Kaylyn. Any less would take away from either aspect of the coaching process.

Why 90-minutes?

Cosmic Career Coaching is ideal for people who are feeling stuck, unsure, or lost in the areas of career and fulfillment; have tried finding a solution in a multitude of traditional ways and have had no success; and want to dive into the power of Astrology as guidance for a way to move forward.

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Live your most aligned life today.