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After graduating at the start of the pandemic, I took the leap and started A-OK Resumes & Career Coaching. I compiled everything I learned from the college career centers and advising students, along with my own experience, in order to educate individuals on how to break out of career and societal expectations. My goal is to help clients identify their strengths and professional values, find jobs and opportunities that are aligned with those strengths and values, and to live their brightest lives, personally and professionally.

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Let's face it: inflation sucks, and what I know to be true about it is that if you didn't receive a 7.1% increase in pay by the end of 2022, you effectively received a pay cut. Unfortunately, that means more pressure to work overtime to meet your financial goals and have the same value of income you did before inflation; less money for living expenses, as well as things in your life that fill your cup and light your soul on fire; and more pressure to hop to any job that will pay you more as opposed to the right job for you. We're taking control back and demanding your worth with this Cost of Living Adjustment Course.

C. O. L. A. Course