You deserve to look forward to your life.

Feeling unaligned with your current career path, but unsure of where to start? Get ready to love your job--and your life--again. No more Sunday Scaries, dreading Mondays, or looking forward to the weekend every single week. It's time you love every single day.

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Careers by Design

Regain control over your career strategy for years to come. This judgement-free offer will put you back in the driver's seat and give you the skills necessary to make empowered, aligned decisions based on your highest career desires.

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I know how it feels...

Feeling lost when it comes to what you do every day is soul-sucking, energy-draining, and downright tiring.

I was sick of feeling:
- Unheard in my places of work.
- Unappreciated by higher-ups.
- Undervalued (ahem, underpaid.)

That's why I do what I do: to help people achieve their highest, brightest lives where they don't have to feel like this again.

help me gain clarity

My judgement-free three-session coaching offer gives you the space to strategize and dream with three 90-minute coaching sessions that will help you create a game plan and give you the mindset and manifestation tools to help you achieve your dreams.Plan out your next steps from the comfort of your own home, in your coziest PJs, and  with an open mind.

Careers by Design

"The leaps and bounds I have made in a single session is astounding!"

"In one single session with Kaylyn, I have completely fallen back in love with my business and what I do to help serve coaches and creatives. Even as someone forging their own path in the working world by owning a business, I need support. Having an expert like Kaylyn in my corner has changed my business for the better. The leaps and bounds I've made in a single session is astounding!"

"I would not have been nearly as successful without her!

"Kay is AMAZING! She is a unique combination of positivity and professionalism, increasing my confidence and reducing my anxiety the whole time we worked together. I was very apprehensive [...] but she made the process not only less stressful but actually fun! She gave such personalized care and input to every aspect of our process together. [I] would not have been nearly as successful without her! "

"My uncertainties were clarified!"

"There was so much I was unsure of as far as where to start. Kay was a wealth of knowledge and shed so much light on the process that I felt like I was in the right hands. My uncertainties were clarified and Kay was able to help me every step of the way, resulting in an offer from a job that I was so excited about! Thank you Kay for the personal and professional support! I cannot recommend enough. 

"This service is a lifesaver!"

"Since graduating last May, I have applied to over 40 jobs and was never even offered an interview. I was starting to get really down about my own abilities and qualifications that I worked so hard to gain while going to school. As soon as I contacted A-OK [for] Career Coaching, I felt relieved. Kaylyn took the time to hear about my needs and concerns. She really worked hard to find my best qualities and gave me the best advice. This service is a life saver, especially for someone fresh out of school who doesn’t have as much experience outside of the university. I feel so much more confident! "

Invest in your brightest life through career coaching.

I am worth the investment

1099 filers: coaching is a biz expense!

price increases to $1,111 jan. 1, 2023

early bird special: $777 for 3 sessions


My career coaching has helped people achieve unimaginable heights:

- People are making more money through proper salary negotiation.

- People know how to find careers they truly love.

- People's eyes are opened to careers they never felt qualified for, but are rockin'.

- People have found soul-filling opportunities in the form of their choice (remote, hybrid, in-person)

- People's already-existing small businesses have transformed to help them find alignment in their product/service offerings.

- People have found ways to fill their cups while setting up multiple streams of income to prepare them for the looming economic crisis.

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i want to feel fulfilled

A career where we feel unfulfilled can leave us feeling like we're wasting our precious time, and energy. Through career coaching, you can find a career you love that also pays the bills.

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Hi there, I'm Kaylyn Blair, MA

I'm a Career Coach and business owner, former Academic Advisor, College Recruiter, and high school Spanish teacher. I'm the Founder of A-OK Resumes & Career Coaching, a digital personal/professional development platform for recent graduates, burnt out millennials, and career changers. With a decade of resume writing experience, I now coach purpose-driven individuals to take aligned action to find careers that will support them fostering work/life balance. My goal is to help clients identify their strengths and professional values, find jobs and opportunities that are aligned with those strengths and values, and to live their brightest lives, personally and professionally. 

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Three coaching sessions, where we will go over:
- What lights up your soul and makes you feel alive when it comes to your career (or your dream career)
- Limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in habits that are not serving your highest good.
- A clear list of action items to take moving forward to help you feel supported even after your last session.

You'll also get:
- Unlimited access to me via email or DM, even 30 days after your last session so you have my help in tackling your to-do list.
- Daily practices to infuse into your life to help you visualize, manifest, and take on this dream life of yours.

This is my most extensive coaching package yet--there's so much you'll receive as a Careers by Design client!

What's included?

- Stress about changing careers.

- Work for people who judge you for taking PTO that you EARNED.

- Dread every single work week, look forward to the weekend, and have a countdown going to the next long weekend.

- Be paid less than what you, your experience, and your education are worth.

- Hate your life...

... to be able to take the plunge and make your dreams happen.

You just need some guidance and cheerleading along the way.

That's where I come in. I bring the job market knowledge, my strong sense of intuition, my years of career coaching and advising experience, and my cheerleading to the table to help you live your best life.

All you have to do is commit to bettering your life.

You do not need to....

I am worth the investment

1099 filers: coaching is a biz expense!

price increases to $1,111 jan. 1, 2023

early bird special: $777 for 3 sessions


You can absolutely buy additional sessions should you desire additional support after our third session. Some of my clients buy one-off sessions to help them quit their unaligned jobs, but most feel fully supported through this three-session coaching package.

Can I buy additional sessions?

Each session was designed to help you identify and work through limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making moves towards your dream life; brainstorm different aligned jobs and/or career paths that match the visions of your dream life; and create a list of clear action items to take to be able to move forward with a plan once coaching is over. That would be a LOT of goodness for only one session -- three is the magic number!

Why do I need three coaching sessions?

Careers by Design is right for you if you're thinking about changing jobs (or career fields as a whole) and need the support, encouragement, and safety of career coaching to help you make aligned career moves. It's also right for you if you're a small business owner looking to change your service offerings and need clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, and desires.

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Live your most aligned life today.